Dream Systems, your single source solution for true design and installation of high end smart home automation, entertainment, and energy management systems. We accept absolute accountability for both design and installation. Serving the Houston, Austin, Galveston and surrounding areas for over 15 years with state of the art custom electronic systems. New construction, remodel, residential or commercial, we have developed a team that can satisfy both the deadlines of a construction schedule and the desires of the most demanding client. We partner with only award winning top brands like Crestron, Samsung, Sony, Pioneer, GE, IC Real-time and many others with a commitment to excellence and best of breed solutions.


 Lifestyle Enhancement Technologies are much more than a universal remote and smart dimmers. They are a suite of intelligent, proven technology enabled hardware and software products that work together as a single solution, delivering the highest levels of security and conveniences to your family and property. Imagine living in a home that obeys your every command... where virtually every device can be remotely controlled, and virtually every system can be fully automated. We make your property work for you, paying constant dividends by delivering the highest possible level of energy efficiency and intelligent operations.  Our fully integrated solutions put you in control of virtually everything, from anywhere in the world. . We get all of your electronics talking, and easily controlled by a simple to use interface. , PC's, Macs, Android, and of course the entire apple suite of products can easily control all of your music, lights, temperature, gates, door locks, swimming pool equipment, surveillance cameras, security systems and just about anything else that you can think of.

 We make everything work better.... together.

  Crestron apps enable you to take control of all the technology and systems in the home or enterprise from your favorite mobile device, wherever you are in the world. You can monitor and control lights, media, climate, security and more from a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection - all with the touch of a button. In the workplace you can monitor and control HVAC, BMS, security, lighting, shades, video conferencing, and even room scheduling.

- It's a Lifestyle

    You’re hosting one of your famous dinner parties, and everyone is gathered in the kitchen enjoying the ambiance you set with the touch of a button just before the first guest arrived.  The lights are bright, the music is cranking and everyone is having a great time. But now it's time to serve dinner. Another button push and the lights slowly dim in the kitchen and rise in the dining room while the music shifts to a soft mellow jazz.  After dinner, you touch another button and the patio lights come up, music starts to play outside, the hot tub heats to optimum temperature, the gas fire pit kicks on and you and your guests adjourn to the backyard for dessert and entertainment.
Now that's lifestyle enhancement, and it can be yours!

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